hey, first of all, thank you for spent your precious time to read my writing here! TERIMA KASIH banyak2 ye.
ok,How should i start? introduce myself?hehe my name is Siti Haminah Binti Jait [regular customer by right should know  kan?] i started my business years ago[cannot recall the exact date].Dari business kecil2an saje.Year after year,baru i develop sikit demi sikit and i started to do online business[nak jadi canggih jugak].
Batrisyia is actually my daughter's name[yes,of course i'm married with 3 kids].Susah sangat nak pikir nama canggih2 ni,so why not just put my daughter's name?lagi senang kan?hehehe

guys,many of you knows kan yg i buat home based business?yeah, i'm the homie bakers and dont have any intention to open a shop just yet! Why? Family is my top priority and i guess that explain evertything.[tapi kalau ade org nak supply kan or give me  a free shop,sila2]hehehe]

merepek sudah.ok.i'm getting serious.BDC promotes a healthy,delicious[sehingga menjilat jari],hygenic and fresh products.Now ,talking about products,BDC memperkenalkan produk2 seperti berikut[hehehe saspen cket]:-
                fONDANT,bUTTER cREam,Steam,
           CMc,EdiBle Image,Etc]
      CUPcakes, BROwniEs,  MufFIns,   
                    CheeZyTART,fRUit TaRT,

Peeps, Thank you so much for the support and u can place order Right NOW!!Special promotions for the special U! Terima kasih.